The Capacity Development of Local Governments (CDLG) Project focuses on strengthening the capacities of local authorities to be inclusive, responsive, and accountable, and enables them to plan, enhance resilience and deliver better services. The CDLG project is implemented in four provinces – North, North Central, Eastern, and Uva, with the overall objective of strengthening the capacities of Local Authorities (LAs) to be inclusive, responsive, and accountable and be able to plan, enhance resilience and deliver better services, alongside the Local Development Support (LDSP) Project.

The project aims to improve local governance systems, making governments ‘fit for the future. The CDLG project will support the improvement of institutional, organizational, and individual capacities of Local Authorities (LA’s). Additionally, CDLG is committed to encouraging more public engagement in local decision-making processes, and enhancing downward accountability of elected officials and local governments, by building capacities of communities to hold LAs to account. Through peer-to-peer learning and learning by doing techniques, the CDLG project will ensure all initiatives are centered around its target audiences throughout its implementation.

The project will seek to:

  • Improve delivery and responsiveness to gender and marginalization issues through better local planning, budgeting cycles, and local service.
  • Establish an innovative local governance system that provides services that address multidimensional challenges.
  • Provide a legal and policy framework to facilitate systems change and strengthen the process of decentralization.

Empowering women officials to participate in decision-making processes while increasing their capacities is an important area of work under the CDLG project interventions. Working collectively with partners to enhance women’s participation and leadership, including representation in all committees of local authorities will further enhance and contribute towards better local service delivery processes.

Knowledge Transfer

The project is focusing on the development of the capacity of local authorities at the organizational, individual, and institutional levels whilst empowering the society to engage closely in local decision-making. The main approach utilized is the "learning by doing" approach.

Knowledge products
NumberTraining Module/manual
Target Group
1Work Manual for Uva Province  

Uva Provincial staff
Awareness Program on Social Audit Committees 

101 Day 
Members of Social Audit Committees 
3Training Program on Grievances Handling

101 Day 
Chairman’s & Secretaries 
4Procurement and Auditing Procedures 

102 Day 
Chairman, Vice Chairman & Secretaries of LAs 
5Social and Environment Safe Guard Management 

102 Day 
Community Development Officers & Development Officers 
6Local Government Law and Procedures 

101 Day 
Elected Members of LA s 
7Project Appraisal Process 

101 Day 
Social Audit Committee, Chairperson & Secretaries 
8Business Planning for Economic Infrastructure Projects 

102 Days
PAT, Chairperson & Secretaries of LAs 
Solid Waste Management 

102 Days
Technical Officers
10Strengthening Community Organizations 

101 Day 
Community Development Officers 
11Communication and Public Relations 

101 Day 
Development Officers & Field Officers 
12Documentation and File Management

02 Days 
Management Assistants  
13Revenue Management of Las 

102 Days 
Revenue Officers of LAs
14Public Finance Management (Basic) 

101 Day 
15Public Finance Management (Advanced) 

103 Day 

Source - CDLG

The project is developing a variety of knowledge products with different stakeholders including the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance (SLILG). The target for year 2020 is 50 knowledge products.

Number of staff trained

Source - Information collated by CDLG field staff on trainings so far conducted.

The project is developing a variety of knowledge products with different stakeholders including the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance (SLILG). The target for year 2020 is 50 knowledge products.

Systems developed by CDLG

Source - CDLG

Improving digital innovation capacities and supporting digital solutions for local issues, to enable local authorities to be fit for future and deliver effective services is a key component of the project. To that end several transformative digital solutions will be supported throughout the project, with close collaborations with Information and Communication Technology Agency.

Community engagement

Enhancing community participation in local decision-making processes is a key component of the project. The project works closely with community centers and grassroots civil society organizations operating in the provinces. The aim is to improve governance agencies' accountability to their communities.

Participation and engagement of the local population in decision-making processes at the local level remain low. There is a limited understanding of downward accountability and working with the local communities and civil society to achieve development objectives. The project seeks to engage and empower community centers to enhance the participation of citizens at local level decision-making processes.

  • The number of active community centers and other
  • The number of citizen charters displayed and others
Community engagement
Number of community centers
Number of LAs displaying citizen charters displayed
North Central 
595 (161 registered with Commissioner of Local Government
all 27 LAs

Source - Department of Local Government and Management Development and Training Unit, North Central Province

Number of active community centers and other
Number of citizen charters displayed and other

Local Authority Participatory Development Plans (LAPDP)


Number of SDG integrated plans and other
The Province Number of SDG integrated Plans 
North To be developed 
EastTo be developed 
North Central To be developed 
UvaTo be developed 

Source - Department of Local Government, North Central Province


Thematic maps

The maps represented here either pertain to the project or have been generated by the CDLG project.


Area covered under Capacity Development of Local Governments Project: This project covers an area of 37829.53 sq. Km covering the four main provinces of the island namely North, East, North Central and Uva. Further, 12 districts belonging to the provinces are marked separately on the map.  Download Map Here      Download Spatial Data Layer Here



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