Privacy Policy

General Users
The data that is shared in this database is information that has been obtained from official sources, and the source of the data is also given. The database provides the ability for the user to download and use this data, however giving due credit to the source of the data. If the data is available for public use, you can use this data, however please credit both the database and the originator of the data when using the data. Any data that is shared within closed groups may be used only for the purposes that are specified by that particular group. 

Government Officials
Enhanced efficiency in service delivery, improved policy development and decision-making through easy access to data collected and generated by various divisions, other government departments, ministries and agencies is an objective of this database. The ability of cities and government to meet needs of the citizens efficiently, reduction of repeated collection and storage of data and a more wholesome interpretation of data is possible if officials have access to multiple facets of data. Sharing your data also improves accountability and transparency for citizens, providing them with a better idea of how the government manages their information and its business.Thus sharing your data as well as using others data, acknowledging them appropriately will be of benefit to yourself and the country as a whole. 
If there is data that is termed sensitive, then it is better that this information is shared only within a closed group, and not for general viewing. You yourself will be aware of the data that is sensitive or not, and thus, please categorise your data as such when you post. 

Information You Post
If you post any information in this site, unless otherwise specified, e.g., in closed groups, the information disclosed will be displayed to other users of this database and may be collected and used by others over whom we have no control. SoSLC is not responsible for the use made by the general public of information you post or otherwise make available in public areas of the SoSLC database.

Additional Terms and Rules for Closed Groups
Closed groups (e.g. UDA) may have additional terms of conduct, privacy policies, and privacy settings set by the administrators of the group, that you will be required to agree to when you register for the said group.